Re-releases 1996 EP!

 The Aalborg, Denmark based rock band SONS OF CAIN had a short life span in the mid-90’s, where they only got to release one EP as a part of the soundtrack for Niels Arden Oplev’s motion picture ‘Portland’. The music kept on making waves though, both in the underground, in other musicians and within the band members themselves. Now, Indisciplinarian re-releases the EP under the title ‘Re:Sons Of Cain’ while the band is gathering for three Danish and maybe final shows.
 It’s not that the Aalborg, DK based rock band SONS OF CAIN released huge amounts of material in its short life span. But with the soundtrack for Niels Arden Oplev’s 1996 motion picture ‘Portland’, they created some of the most dystopian rock music available in Denmark at that time. Since then, the band’s music has been described as a journey by train through a dark and gloomy universe, which still feels as intense and relevant now as back then. SONS OF CAIN disbanded shortly after ‘Portland’s premiere in the spring of 1996, and the attention surrounding the movie and the band’s music soon faded. Over the years, the interest for the band’s music lived on though, and the songs from the film meant something to individuals, not at least musicians from different bands. SONS OF CAIN’s leader, drummer and singer Per Silkjær continued his musical carreer in bands such as Double Space and Fossils, but neither he could let go of what they had created.
 In October 2017, SONS OF CAIN reformed with the purpose of playing one reunion show in support of Kellermensch, whom themselves had been fans of the band for many years. Several Kellermensch members formed bands in the past directly inspired by SONS OF CAIN by whom they played cover songs of in their early days as musicians. The other way around, Silkjær was a big fan of Kellermensch, whose music and specially certain songs have had a profound importance in his life. The to bands had never been in contact before 2017, which only shows what music can mean to different people in differendt cities, environments and situations - it animates, inspires and helps.
 Until now, it has only been possible to find the songs from ‘Portland’ on the original cd formats, which was released in very limited numbers, or on YouTube in differing sound quality. Now, Indisciplinarian re-releases the songs as a individual work in its own right carrying the title ‘Re:Sons of Cain’ on vinyl and digital formats, in the hope that the music of SONS OF CAIN will reach a broader audience than previously.

(Photograph by Peter Ravnsborg)

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