Debut album reissued!

 On December 1st internationally, Helldprod Records in collaboration with Chaosphere Recordings will release Grog's cult classic debut album, Macabre Requiems, on picture-disc vinyl format.
 Originally released in 1996 but out of print for many years now, Macabre Requiems was the grand culmination of Grog's hard work in the underground during the early '90s. The band, in fact, was one of the very first extreme metal bands to hail from Portugal, and thereby influenced generations to come. Hearing Macabre Requiems, whether it was during its original release or especially now, it's not difficult to imagine why it was influential: ghastly and grinding, grisly and gutted, the album is pure and total DEATH METAL of a most early '90s vintage, horror-ridden and heavy as fuck. Utterly raw and flesh-ripping, Grog assault the listener with 43 minutes of ungodly deathgrind across these Macabre Requiems, with songs ranging from five minutes to some under a minute, altogether exhibiting a lively and dynamic flow that ends in the listener being completely pulverized!
 The past is always alive, and at last does Grog's Macabre Requiems see a vinyl release - and given that classically disgusting cover art, all the more fitting that it's on picture disc!

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