New album "“Rain After Drought" out on January 8th!

 TYTUS was born in Trieste (Italy) in 2014, releasing their first recording in form of a very limited 7"EP entitled "White Lines" in early 2015. Later on, the band got signed to Sliptrick Rec. which released their debut album "Rises" in October 2016, receiving a fairly good acceptance in the underground Heavy Metal scene.
 In summer 2017, TYTUS got in touch with Fighter Records which finally signed the band in december of the same year while the recording process was happening. It's been a long process, but "Rain After Drought" is near to be completed. It'll be a more mature work, still in the vein of their debut, and full of killer tunes with strong riffing, gathering influences from bands like early METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, early MEGADETH, SLOUGH FEG….

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