"Generación Maldita" reissued on December 12th!

 Fighter Records is proud to announce the first official reissue of Excalibur's debut album, Generación Maldita ("Damned Generation") from 1988, originally released only on a very limited vinyl pressing.
 The commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Generación Maldita will include two re-recorded songs as bonus which were intended for the original version, but weren't recorded due to lack of budget. This reissue will come in a double-CD including their demos, EPs, rare recordings, and live stuff from '85 to '89, all with remastered sound, liner notes, tons of photos, flyers, covers, etc. A vinyl version of this album might follow later on.
 Originally released in 1988, Generación Maldita is one of the most sought-after albums in the history of Spanish heavy/rock, being the national rock album for which more money has been paid...1500 euros! Due to some strange circumstances, the original edition of 500 copies was reduced to only 100, the other 400 being destroyed, so it's basically impossible to get an original copy unless you are willing to spend a fortune!


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