"Inflicted sufferance" EP out in October!

 -VORUS- (Iatin suffix = the act of devouring greedily).
 Conceived in 2017 as a solo project by an old headbanger. An American Death Metal musician relocated to Romania in 2014. Uriel (Necrorite, ex-Morbicus, ex-Gutwrench,ex-Rotting Away, ex-Cryptic Realms, etc, etc). As a solo project Vorus recorded the "Chamber of Laments" demo in august, 2017, later was released in MC tape by Death in Pieces Records (Mex) in October 2017.
 In September 2017, Uriel's wife Corina (Romanian 90's metal bassist ex-Deimos, ex-Atys) became part of the band as the permanent bassist.
 As a duo Vorus recorded the debut full-length Album “The Wretched Path" in November - December 2017 later released in MC tape format in April 2018 by Death in Pieces Records (Mex) in collaboration with Macabre End Productions (Mex). The CD version came out in July 2018 by Detonation Recs.
 Vorus also released a split MC tape format with Necrorite called “Horror Death Metal split tape" it came out as a very limited run of only 20 hand numbered copies in May 2018 (self)
 "Inflicted sufferance" EP 2018 CD format (std. jewel case) includes 2 revisited, re-worked and extended new versions of previously released tracks (re-recorded for this CD version) Plus "Chamber of laments" Demo 2017 for the first time ever in CD format!

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