Release debut album "The Introspect"!

 Vancouver BC-based progressive death metal band TECHNICAL DAMAGE have released its debut album The Introspect. Frontman Kurtis Jeffery shares his thoughts on the album:
 "Trying to balance what is ultimately a multitude of different lives over the past year has drawn upon wells of creative and critical energy whose depths I had not fully realized until we sat down to write this record. The Introspect has everything - walls of sound, brutal death metal, reggae breakdowns, huge synthesizers - and it is a manifesto to the complicated nature of human beings and how we see ourselves. Even if you aren't drawn to metal, there is something for everyone in this piece of art."
 Formed in late 2016, the band has sought to balance the extremes of metal with multiple other genres of music to create a sound that forms a bridge between fury, tranquility, peace and rage. Led by frontman Kurtis Jeffrey, the band's chaotic live performances are defined by the intricate solos and riffs of guitarists Peter Bagchi and Harrison Shaw, with a powerful rhythm section consisting of drummer Michael Bagchi and bassist Chris McIlroy.
 Described as both crushingly heavy and melodically uplifting, TECHNICAL DAMAGE finds their greatest influences in bands such as Misery Signals, After The Burial, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Lamb of God, Intervals, and Beyond Creation. TECHNICAL DAMAGE takes great pride in their roots within the Vancouver metal scene, and is profoundly influenced by local groups such as Neck of the Woods and The Hallowed Catharsis. In 2018 & 2019, TECHNICAL DAMAGE will continue establishing themselves as a mainstay in the Vancouver metal scene while gaining additional exposure in Canada through touring, playing many of Western Canada's metal festivals, and radio play.

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