Set release date for debut album!

 Saturnal Records sets November 23rd as the international release date for Letheria's long-awaited debut album, Death - Principle. A vile and virulent work, Death - Principle comes after nearly 20 years of Letheria lurking in the underground, awaiting the opportune moment to strike with a full-length.
 Letheria hail from Finland, and formed in 1998. Since then, they've released a succession of seven demos, and then three thematic EPs - I Scorn (2010), II Slander (2013), and III Mockery(2014). All have served as crucial, ever-so-patient building blocks for the band's long-overdue debut album.
 At last, the time has arrived: Letheria's Death - Principle is death metal drenched in arrogant scorn, disgust, and hate. More than a bit blackened and fully nasty at every twisted turn, Death - Principle conveys open hostility toward everything and everyone...including the listener. Track titles like "Swinelord of Devouring and Fucking" and "With Tears of Urine You Will Cry His Name" guarantee spite and malice. If Letheria had a smell, it would reek of gasoline, urine, and blood. And yet, for all this corrosiveness and crudity, the band possess a strikingly accomplished sense of melodicism - definitely dark, strangely alluring, almost bordering on the anthemic - which is all ably highlighted by the album's production, which is as suitably muscular as Letheria's execution.
 While Letheria operates in Lahti, their roots are in small town of Muhos: a religious community built on god-forsaken soil. This hate/love relation to the past is still one of the driving forces that keeps their passionate flame alive, and with Death - Principle as the torch, Letheria are prepared to burn down everything...and everyone.


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