New album "Law" out on August 3rd!

 NEWBREED from Poland return with brand new album recorded in 213 Studios owned by the band’s drummer Stanislaw Wolonciej (EGOIST). “Law” is the fourth full length filled with 8 songs of progressive metal that incorporates everything from alternative rock through industrial to heavy and dissonant metal. Imagine mixture of such diverse bands as SOUNDGARDEN, MORBID ANGEL, NINE INCH NAILS, ALICE IN CHAINS, MINISTRY...
 NeWBReeD was formed in November 1999 by Thomas Wolonciej (git/voc), Stanley Wolonciej (drums) and Paul Gawlowski (bass). After several local gigs the band recorded their first demo SOLITARY (2000).
 In 2001 Paul left the band. New friends - Andy Czul and his brother Thomas helped the band and joined them to play upcoming gigs and record next stuff. "The NeW Way of Human Existence" was released by a small label (APOCALYPSE PRODUCTION) on split-tape in 2002. After good reviews the band joined BRUTAL SURGEONS TOUR 2002 and played many other gigs.
 In 2003 NeWBReeD delivered their next CD "Lost" and played LOST KILLING SCREAM TOUR and LOST KILLING SCREAM TOUR 2, joined SOUTHERN EXPLOSION TOUR and many other shows. After that, the band got great reviews in underground press. “Lost” was released by small label METALRULEZ.
 In January 2005 NeWBReeD came-up with a next issue "If I were the Rain". This CD (released by FORESHADOW PROD.) brought really good times for NeWBReeD.
 In 2006 NeWBReeD joins AWAKENING ON THE PATH OF RAIN TOUR 2006. Soon after that Peter Bialkowski leaves the band. Young guitar player Szymon Fiuk becomes a new member of NeWBReeD.
 In January 2007 new album – “Child of the Sun” is ready to be released. NeWBReeD signs a deal with polish prog-metal label INSANITY RECORDS. "Child of the Sun" - out in April!!!
 In December 2009, after gigs together and recording a live DVD "Live in Rudeboy", Jarosław Gacek becomes new bass player. DVD is available since 4.05.2010
 In 2010 band plays SLAUGHTERHOUSE TOUR with BANISHER, SARATAN, MINDWORK and records a new album. After many months of hard work in the studio, NeWBReeD finally brings some new stuff. In 2011 the band plays another part of the tour with BANISHER and gets a record deal with legendary Metal Mind Productions.
 New album titled just "Newbreed" is out 2011 via Metal Mind Productions. Two songs incorporate Wacek "Vogg" Kiełtyka of Decapitated and Tomasz "Lipa" Lipnicki of Illusion.
 In 2011 and 2012 NeWBReeD take part in a couple of tours, single shows and festivals. Last show of 2012 is also recorded.
 In 2013 NeWBReeD releases their second live-DVD album "Live in Rudeboy II Revenge" by Luna Records. After that NeWBReeD takes a few months off. In 2016 band starts touring again and slowly writes some new stuff.
 In 2018 with SLEFMADEGOD RECORDS NeWBReeD releases their next LP "Law".

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