New album "End Of The Circle" out on September 5th!

 Formed in 2012 by David Unsaved in the city of Tbilisi, Georgian duo ENNUI explores a variety of styles within the genres of funeral doom and death Metal, and delivers a refined blend of dark melodies, crushing riffs and technical percussion together with the dramatic and poetic storytelling.
 After years of intense work, headlining the Shadow Doom Festival in Russia, ENNUI is proud to present their fourth album, “End of the Circle”, containing three epic songs, according different canons of genre, and sustaining mind blowing atmosphere of funeral doom/death metal madness. ENNUI is ready to unleash the album that will mark the zenith point in their discography. Indeed, it's the most dark, inventive and extreme music written by the band to date. This is the opus about the death and funeral of all being, existential madness, and final cycle in a whirl of life and death. Throughout the dismally lumbering pace prolonged songs, ENNUI supremely showcases musical technicality in performance and composition without sacrificing melodic and dynamic proficiency.
 This album was mixed and mastered at the prestigious Grindhouse Studios Athens. Brilliant cover artwork created by high skilled W. Smerdulak.


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