Debut album "Grimorium Verum" out on August 8th!

 Formed in 2011, WITCHFYRE did its debut recording with a 7"EP entitled "Banshee" in 2013, followed by the mini CD "Legends, Rites and Witchcraft" in 2014 through french label Infernö Records. In 2016, the album "Grimorium Verum" was recorded and remained unreleased until Fighter Records shown interest in releasing it.
 The style of WITCHFYRE would be described as a classic Heavy Metal with strong influences coming from MERCYFUL FATE, helped by the versatility of their vocalist Emi Metal (also IRON HUNTER). WITCHFYRE is a band that will for sure appeal to any fan of modern stuff like PORTRAIT, IN SOLITUDE, TRIAL (swe), CANDLE...

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