New LP "Existencialista" out on July 6th!

 IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present TUJAROT's cult debut album, Existencialista, on vinyl LP format.
 Previously released as a three-mini-CD set in hand-made fold-out triangle cover finished with abstract art and limited to a mere 39 hand-numbered copies, TUJAROT's Existencialista became an enigma unto itself. Each of those three separate CDs housed a single, double-digit epic, and duly impressed with the swirling-smoke hypnosis these Slovaks created, now IRON BONEHEAD steps forward to release Existencialista as a single-format, full-album work.
 Indeed, even with the album's three tracks respectively clocking in at 11:01, 11:09, and 13:44, Existencialista works more as a joint entity rather than three isolated EPs. No less vast because of it, TUJAROT's patiently pulsing/evaporating style of black metal breathes an atmosphere that's rooted in the most obscure corners of the early '90s revolution whilst pushing forward a modernity that stands on the scene's cutting edge. The hallmarks of Eastern European black metal are definitely present - martial yet melodic riffing, skillfully atonal phrasing, an overall sense of triumphant melancholy - but Existencialista weaves and wanders among a landscape that's nearly nameless, forlorn and foreign, desolate yet somehow comforting.
 It remains to be seen whether Existencialista is the first or final strike for TUJAROT, but what stands in the present is a monument to the eternal mysteries of outsider black Metal.

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