New self-titled album out on June 29th!

 Beyond The Katakomb is the brainchild of Swedish metal vocalist L-G Persson, known from the power metal-band The Storyteller.
 As Persson envisioned a new environment for his powerful and dramatic voice, he decided to enlist producer Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa, Nocturnal Rites) to help him unleash this album on an unexpecting world. Nilsson brought in guitarist Daniel Palmqvist (session guitarist and songwriter for projects involving Joe Lynn Turner and Göran Edman among others) to be a part of the songwriting team and to handle the guitar duties. Matt Guillory is the keyboardist, well known in the world of progressive metal from his virtuoso performances with James Labrie and Dali's Dilemma. On the bass you'll find none other than metal veteran Johan Niemann (Evergrey, Talisman, Tiamat, ex Therion) laying the foundation for the band and bringing his own brand of thunder.
 Also involved in the project is Henrik Ohlsson, whose ingenious and vivid lyrics greatly contribute to the album and the dark tales it tells. Drawing inspiration from gothic mysticism and the underworld, each song takes the listener on a progressive metal journey. All the talents of the musicians involved were optimized and fine tuned by mastermind Per Nilsson, whose skills as a producer, songwriter and arranger make this record shine.
 Welcome to step inside the Katakomb, if you dare...

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