New album "The Spirit Of The Firewolf" out on April 27th!

 9000 JOHN DOE has levelled the danish metal scene for a number of years. Their hardcore-inspired metal comes with a cheeky smile and with an experience and energy that has given them many fans on the Danish metal scene. They’ve even had some success on the hip-hop scene, with features by Jonny Hefty and Joden.
 The band is now ready with their sophomore album “The Spirit of The Firewolf”, on which everything from production to songwriting has been lifted to a higher level. There is less focus on partying and much more focus on heavy, ass-kicking riffs that would make their 90’s idols proud. 9000 JOHN DOE’s North Jutland charm has remained, but it’s now accompanied by a certain amount of seriousness and confidence, in the way they deliver their songs on the upcoming album.
 “We have never worked as hard and focused on an album like we have with this one. There have been many emotions in play, and the result is the heaviest record we have ever made. There’s more focus on metal and details, but we haven’t completely discarded our rock-ish side.” states vocalist Tommy Knos.
 The album is produced by Jacob Olsen in JBO Sound, which has contributed to a more unified and solid sound image, which compliments what we have, without hesitation, named the band's best release to date.

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