New EP "Ov Lacerated Soil" out now!

 From the deepest and darkest corners of the human mind and will comes Vox Lvciferi. Originating in Stockholm, Sweden the band is the brain-child of Osgilliath who is the sole member of the band. The birth of the project was late 2017, but not until 2018 did the process of it become fulfilled. The band mainly focuses on the human in the centre of the darker powers and how the human spirit can evolve to reach a higher plane of existance by its own will. A Branch of philosophical satanism with a misanthropic basis is the projects idea. And it is reflected in the Dark and chaotic nature of the music, light may be seen just to be extingushed in a insanity-fueled annihilation. The debut EP Ov Lacerated Soil (released 25th of February 2018) was written during a time of deep isolation and sorrow. It reflects the pure thoughts of hatred and despair until finding the destructive force in oneself.


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