Remastered and reissued debut album!

 On April 27th in Europe and May 4th in the US, Minotauro Records will release a new edition of Dreamfire's Atlantean Symphony, completely remastered, with stunning new artwork and booklet design and two bonus tracks: a 2018 reworking of the original album’s grandiose finale, "An Epitaph Engraved In Water," and the Dreamfire interpretation of Ramin Djawadi’s "The Rains Of Castamere," as featured in the HBO series Game Of Thrones. This is the ultimate edition of the captivating album that Zero Tolerance magazine called “brooding, inspiring and atmospheric.”
 The main body of Atlantean Symphony is composed of 12 sections - all part of a single, seamless musical journey into the deepest part of the soul. Reawaken memories of that which has passed, and become totally immersed in the wonder, the mystery, the power, the fragility. The key into the kingdom lies within the listener; Dreamfire merely provides the portal through which one can choose to step and become part of a greater shared experience.
 Dreamfire came into being in 1999 as a symphonic musical project to explore ancient mysteries and epic themes. Dreamfire exists in the spaces above the physical realm and is a conceptual manifestation of journeys through time, space, and reality, within the boundless and timeless expanses of the macrocosmic universe.
 Prepare for a journey into legend. Dreamfire's Atlantean Symphony is an unforgettable experience that will reawaken memories of that which has passed. Witness the grandeur and the fragility in this neoclassical ambient masterpiece that will truly enrapture the soul. Fully remastered and with two exclusive bonus tracks, including an epic, haunting reworking of "The Rains Of Castamere" from the hit TV show Game Of Thrones.

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