"Sirens of the Styx: Re-Styxed" out now!

 Australian melodic heavy/power metal band ILIUM reissues their debut album as a double CD featuring both their bombastic completely re-written and re-recorded version with additional bonus track with new cover art and the original verion in one package.
 Now available through Nightmare Records, this very special reissue hosts the return of ( Lord / Dungeon ) vocalist Lord Tim, who previously sang on the bands "Permian Dusk" and "Vespertilion" albums.
 From the band on why... "The inspiration to re-record our debut was simple - we were very proud of our first album and it was no longer in print but we wanted to do something special and reintroduce it. When we wrote many of these songs originally, they were from our old band Oracle... and as such, in many ways, our first album was as much an Oracle album as ILIUM. The experience of growing into this new band made us look upon the debut with a fresh outlook, so we thought 'why not record this album as though it had never been released'. And that is what we did!"
 With Ilium's 2017 release 'Sirens Of The Styx: Re-Styxed', the band has come full circle. In 2003 Ilium released their debut album 'Sirens Of The Styx' with vocalist Mark Snedden and producer Lord Tim (Lord, ex-Dungeon, and who went on to sing lead on the next two Ilium releases) - an epic debut with music by twin guitarists Adam Smith and Jason Hodges. Now, six albums later, the band has revisited this classic with a fresh approach. To celebrate the re-release of the debut, the group's driving forces Smith and Hodges have invited Lord Tim back to the microphone for a completely re-written and re-recorded version, featuring the brand new track 'Ode Of The Trans-Dimensional Puppeteer' as well as re-worked classics such as 'Antigone', 'The Celestial Sphere', 'Incipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel', 'Half-Life' and the epic title track. 'Sirens Of The Styx: Re-Styxed' is the result of a band that has embraced the most dramatic elements of power metal legends such as Helloween, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray, combined with the classic metal bombast of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Scorpions, and with a few technical thrash and progressive elements thrown in to their epic mix to produce a unique yet familiar sound.

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