New album out on November 17th!

 No Return is a French Melodic Death-Thrash metal band formed in 1989.
 The band recorded its first album "Psychological Torment" (1990) in Germany with Coroner's drummer and Marky Marquis as art director. The band then produced the second album "Contamination Rises" (1992) at Morrisound's Studios in Tampa, Florida with the help of Scott Burns.
 Ever since, the band has kept on sharing its passion for music, performing alongside other bands such as Arch Enemy, Samael, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Coroner, Motorhead and many others, all while regularly releasing new albums.
 In March 2015, they released worldwide (with the Danish label Mighty Music / Target Group) "Fearless Walk To Rise" produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Pretty Maids .....). Several tours followed this release including a French tour that closed with a performance on the Mainstage of the Hellfest Open Air. Two other European tours also followed, one with Dew Scented and Angelus Apatrida in October 2015,  the other with Onslaught and Mors Principium Est in September 2016.
 In February 2017, the band went back to Jacob Hansen (Denmark) to record the next album "THE CURSE WITHIN" that is to be released November 17th this year on vinyl, cd and digital.

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