ew album "A.D.A.M."! out on November 10th!

 On November 10th internationally, MINOTAURO RECORDS is proud to present BEGERITH's highly anticipated second album, A.D.A.M.
 Originally digitally self-released this year, BEGERITH's A.D.A.M. is deservedly now finding a physical release. Native Russians who now reside in Poland, BEGERITH create a masterful, mesmerizing whirlwind of black/death majesty. Theirs is a highly considered and ceremonial thrust, taking the potent physicality of death metal and the bleak atmosphere of black metal and consequently creating a stark tapestry of technique and terror. Rendered in powerful, Technicolor hues, A.D.A.M. aims to penetrate the listener deeply and decisively.

 BEGERITH were founded in 2003 in the far eastern region of Russia. Currently, the whole band is working and living in Poland. In 2013, BEGERITH released their debut album, My Way to the Star..., which received remarkable feedback among the metal media. Thus emboldened, during 2014-2015, they worked on what was to become their second album, A.D.A.M., in cooperation with the Polish studio HERTZ under the guidance of the Wieslawski brothers. "We put a lot of our powers and means into this album," they say of  A.D.A.M., "and what is most important – deep philosophical ideas and technical musical conception." They then engaged top artists and designers such as Denis "Forkas” Kostromin, who is known for his works with Behemoth, Paradise Lost, Fushitsusha, and many others, and the artist Valnoir Mortasonge from French art group Metastazis.
 Now, A.D.A.M. emerges as a work of malevolent elegance and dread. Behold the rise of BEGERITH.

  «And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him and his name was Adam... How terrible and despotic our God is, sealed himself into a biological substance of rot and stench, giving the form to everything. Regurgitated himself to the Earth as a virus and locusts devouring and fucking everything on their path... Look into the eyes of everyone and try to call it your God... God rules your debauchery.»

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