Self-titled MCD re-issued!

 Chaos & Technocracy formed in 1993 and released two EP 7" (1994 "Abstract Reflections" Isolated Records, 1995 "Useless Suffering" Boundless Records) and a MCD "Abstract... and More" 1995 Whiplash Productions.

 This MCD suppose to be released in 1995 by Nosferatu Records, after a hiatus of 22 years finally H-SoundMusic Records recover the original DAT and remastered the songs at Major Oak Audio Mastering (Nottingham).
 The MCD has been recorded and mixed at PKM studios in Vercelli, Italy by Paolo Baltaro and produced by Alberto Penzin (Schizo band)
 Chaos... split up in 1997 and reborn with the name Even Vast in 1998.

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