New album "Light Of A New Beginning" out on September 9th!

 What can you expect from a band called Breaking Samsara? It does not sound like a name that lets
you guess the genre, the musical style or the content of the lyrics. It appears timeless and free from clichés, somehow interesting, a bit like a jawbreaker. With the release of their second album “Light Of A New Beginning” the band takes a genre-border crossing role. The music can be located between the sub-genres of Rock, somewhere between Hard and Heavy. There is significantly less Classic-Rock influence than on their debut album – the development of the band is clearly audible. „Light Of A New Beginning was not written and recorded in a typical Album-Tour-Cycle, it grew together with the band over the course of a few years. This can be heard for example if the melodic- rock attack “Bye Bye Baby” is compared to the way harder and faster “End Of A Hero” – it is not only the thematic differences of the lyrics, you can literally hear the years between the songs. There are many people who do not like it if songs of one album are too distinct from one another. If you are one of those people you maybe should stay away from the record. If you like it – this album is just right for you: While “Time For Things To Change” starts off with quiet tunes, from one moment to the next it changes to a head-nodding power ballad. The album’s opener “Restless Night” begins with just that and keeps the balls-to-the-wall power on a high level until the end. A
more melodic atmosphere can be found in “Scarsoul” the most recent and at the same time longest song of the whole record. It rounds out the record with thoughtful, self-critical, almost philosophic lyrics and sophisticated instrumental parts. Less critical about oneself but about today’s society if what makes up “Money Ain’t Worth A Dime”. It is about escaping the madness of modern society.
 Breaking Samsara are supported by the Wacken Foundation since mid-2017. Shortly after the announcement of this collaboration the label deal with Boermsa-Records came off. Together with
 Soulfood and recordJet “Light Of A New Beginning” will be released worldwide 29th September 2017. The band plans to play a tour to support the album in fall to bring the songs back to the place where they were born: the stage!

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