"The Spell" EP out now!

 Monstrous black/doom/punk chimera MANTAR release their brand new 10" vinyl EP entitled »The Spell«!
 »The Spell« contains 3 previously unreleased songs. The title track features Okoi Jones from Swiss extreme metal duo BÖLZER on guest vocals. Responsible for the haunting cover art is renowned artist Aaron Wiesenfeld ( who was also responsible for MANTAR's debut record's artwork.
 »The Spell« is released on 10" vinyl (black and silver (the latter being sold out already, only few copies of the black version left!), limited to only 500 copies each) as well as digitally. The limited EP is now available via this link:
 Commented MANTAR singer & guitarist Hanno: "After recording »Ode To The Flame« we had a really hard time deciding which of the 12 recorded songs should be on the final record. Since we both don't like long records and after getting completely lost in that process, we finally agreed just to draw which 10 songs should be released. So we had two additional tracks left and thought it might be a good time to put them out before we forget about them. Two old fashioned MANTAR tunes, aggressive and groovy. 'The Spell' actually is one of MANTAR's first jams ever and the instrumental was recorded in a first/one take back in 2013 during the sessions for our debut »Death By Burning«. You really can hear that it's more like jamming along and we didn´t really know where this song would take us when we started playing. But we always liked that raw but also elegant vibe, so a few month ago we finally decided to ask our good friend Okoi Jones from BÖLZER to contribute some guest vocals and make it some sort of duet between me and Okoi. Vocals were recorded in Switzerland and in Tampa, Florida. The world is small nowadays..."

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