New Ep "Paracaidas" out on March 31st!

 Weaving cumbia, tropical bass, surf rock and psychedelic electronics, Junglelyd takes their listeners on an exhilarating adventure.
 Hypnotizing beats are accented by melodious elements of the tribal and ritual sounds from the misty jungles of southern America.
 On stage, this five-man Danish band performs with a DJ, saxophone, flutes, guitars, bass and percussion in order to create a fusion of electronic and analog music, that feels alive and dynamic. The full sound engulfs (maybe we can use catches?)  the audience like a tidal wave. You can`t escape, you are becoming a part of it.
 Within their first year, Junglelyd has become well known for their infectious grooves and catchy melodies by playing festivals, clubs and live venues throughout Denmark. Their first EP „Tropisk Europisk“ was released digitally on Soundcloud in summer of 2015, just months after the band was formed. This kicked off a long streak of live shows that manifest Junglelyd deep into the Danish underground scene and beyond.
 Their second EP „Skyggedans“ pushed their mix of tropical rhythms and psychedelic electronic dance music even further. A track from this EP, "Gringo Funk", was chosen as one of World Music Denmark's Best Tracks of 2016. The band was then invited to be the house orchestra at the prestigious Danish Music Awards World 2016.
 Among dozens of other successful shows that year, Junglelyd played a full house gig at HQ during the 2016 Aarhus Spot Festival. This show was ranked one of the top five of the entire festival by the acclaimed Danish music publication Soundvenue.
 Junglelyd has recently signed with Hamburg-based label Sounds of Subterrania to release two EPs in the first half of the year 2017. In addition, the band expects to complete their first full-length studio album in late 2017.

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