New album "Planet Zero" out on February 10th!

 ART is an Italian melodic rock band based in Bologna, which marks its appearance in 2016 with 9 original songs constituting their first album PLANET ZER0.
 This long awaited production is the fruitful intuition keyboardist Enrico Lorenzini had three years ago, putting together five skilled musicians, who share strong personalities and life-long experience of thousand stages across Italy.
 90ís Whitesnake hard rock can be heard in Denis Borgatti warm vocal harmonies, and some David Paich languid pianos as well, while Enrico Lorenzini cutting lead keyboard shynths recall Claudio Simonetti pristine sounds, and 70s PFM, Deep Purple, and Marillion prog-influenced longer suites. 80ís Billy Idol and Toto pop-rock songwriting is echoed in Roberto Minozzi guitar work, and the thick and effective bass lines brought by Diego Quarantotto add compactness to the sound, perfectly paired by Fabio Tomba extremely precise drumming, reminding Porcaro ís early grooves.
 In these nine songs they manage to blend all their inspirations and taste into a perfect summa of all this, creating a passionate, poetic, intimate, tasteful and organic blend which sounds fresh, yet so experienced. Planet ZerO is the starting point, at the very end, of an emotional journey, through life, both interior, as intimate as emotions are, and exterior, as the ever returning cycle of life-love-death is, for all mankind ñ thus the name of the album.

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