New album "Below" out on December 10th!

 Babylon Doom Cult Records, Extraconscious Records and Folkvangr Records have joined forces to bring you 'Below' by Lhaad, the new sole entity of Belgian multi-instrumentalist Lykormas (Hemelbestormer, Entartung, Wolven & Rituals of the Dead Hand).
 Named after Hades, the Greek god of the dead and the underworld, Lhaad, is an anagram for hadal: the deepest region of the ocean, lying within oceanic trenches.
 'Below', where light is absent: the perfect surroundings for hadopelagic black metal.
 Influenced by industrial and intense sounding bands like Mysticum, Thorns and Darkspace, Lhaad creates its own unique, claustrophobic and dense atmosphere, as if a wall of water comes crushing down on you.
 'Below' is a 41-minute dive into the deepest of the deep.
 The pressure and lack of oxygen will make thine head spin, and going too deep will most definitely result in a certain death. Therefore extreme caution is advised before you enter the deep waters of Lhaad.

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