New album "Fire" out on May 21st!

 IO, volcanic and burning moon of Jupiter, where lava flows turn into magma lakes. It’s no wonder why Roman sludge heavy weights IO choose their band name and title for their upcoming debut album, with a sound that heavy, brutal yet warm and cosmic.
 Fire contains four long and ultra- heavy sludge tracks, moving between mammoth riffs, trippy fuzz spheres, an enthralling reverb of screams backed by this massive dose of big grooves. IO‘s hazy yet blistering sound equals a cosmic trip into volcanic space dimensions, and without any doubt owns its parallels to an entire moon.
 IO burst into the Sludge and Doom scene in 2015, played numerous shows with acts alike Monkey3, OTUS and many more, until they gained the well-deserved attention by one of Italy’s leading heavy music underground labels, Argonauta Records.

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