New 7" split EP!

 Take your vest out from the coffin, put your bullets belt on, raise your fist and grab your six pack. These two iconic bursting entities in one release should be enough to make your metal heads melt while you bang your old skeletons after death.
 Notorious for thrashing the darkened paths of magick, the Unstoppable Teutonic Force DESASTER and the Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal horde DECAYED conjured a precious but yet hellish treat for all die-hard fans out there. Both bands exist for more than 30 years now and their discographies firmly precede their music, once again if you didn’t get this so far we only have one word to describe them. LEGENDS!
 Not showing slowing down signs, each one of the songs from these bands reveal that the ancient ways of metal still kick your polite musical ass. The way it should be, a forceful unholy slaughter metallic attack. Here, it's useless to praise the Lord, unless you turn your cross down!
 Combining both band names to baptize this 7 Ep, "Desaster Decayed" surely proves that the past is very well alive among the consuming flames of these infernal Legions.
 This is Evil, this is Cruel, this is Extreme and this is Fuckin Underground!
 Get ready to spin it, to bow to it and don't be a wimp about its length; Remember that there will be no rest for those who succumb time. These Steel Warriors deserve Eternal Glory!

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