Debut album "The Evil Year" out on the 27th of November!

 PÅGÅ describe The Evil Year: “Out of a great lust to encounter the unknown and to explore the boundless in us this record/work came about, in the hands of The High Spirit Rebel. We wish this may serve as great entertainment, a bad enemy, an instrument and a match.
 Enter! Step in!
 Enjoy The Evil Year!

 Outlandish pop and psychedelic noir rock from Sweden's Åhman brothers, Pelle and Gottfrid (ex vocalist and bassist from In Solitude). Hand-picked by Mat Kvohst McNerney (Hexvessel, Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures) for his Secret Trees imprint via Svart.
 Kvohst describes PÅGÅ as “Post-Punk freakery, like Birthday Party era Cave, avant-garde Bowie and the darkness of Coil with unique artistic flair that's in a world of its own.”
 The Evil Year features beautifully far-out artwork by Pelle Åhman on the cover and throughout the inlay.
(Photograph by Sara Gewalt)