New album "The Fifth Of Doom" out on August 14th!

 Mosh-Pit Justice was spawn in the shores of Black Sea. Current band line up is: Georgy Peichev ( a.k.a. George Peich ) vocals , Staffa Vasilev -guitars, drums and Mariyan Georgiev (a.k.a. Mariyan G. ) bass, backing vocals . In September 2012 the band released the "The Serpent " EP . Four tracks of uncompromising Power/Thrash metal assault. Following year Mosh-Pit Justice vomited their self-titled debut on EBM records. The album received really good recognition and acceptance by fans and critics, then "Justice is Served" was released on Stormspell Records year later the following "Stop Believing Lies" came out on Witches Brew Records and satisfied fans hunger for speed and melody.
 Now stretched over two different continents (Mariyan now lived in Tampa, FL) Mosh-Pit Justice members were working towards recording their 4th album. This Trans- Atlantic collaboration promised a fresh breath of air in today's metal scene !!! "Fighting The Poison" (with featuring guest musicians .. Mr. Glen Alvelais (ex-Forbidden/Testament/ Forbidden Evil -leads on "God Wills It" and Mr. Emil Markov (x- Jeff Scott Soto Band) was released on  Punishment 18 Records in 2018 and received many praises from the underground critics.
 Now Mosh-Pit Justice has finished recordings of their new material titled “The Fifth Of Doom“ which merges Thrash/ US Power and traditional Heavy Metal and displays the versatility of the band.

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