New EP "Ego Mortem Machina" out on May 26th!

 As the black sky slowly shifts its demeanour to deep purples, a cosmic painter adding gradually brighter shades and hues to their palette, the barren mountains seem to grow darker in contrast, holding on to the night. Then that first gleam of impossible brightness rimes the jagged peaks in soft, molten gold, before dawn breaks in a heart lifting explosion of light, hope, new beginnings...and riffs!
 We’ve been living in even darker times than usual of late, with the shadow of the coronavirus looming over all. Gigs have ground to a halt and a new festival posts a regretful cancellation every day. Bands are scattered, with members confined to their homes and there’s an air of despondency permeating the music industry as a whole. However, some bands are refusing to be brought low; some bands are facing the challenges head on and fighting to bring that morning light over the horizon. Riff masters Black Falcon have, against all odds, recorded a brand new EP completely in isolation – Ego Mortem Machina. Each band member recorded their parts at home before e-mailing them to bassist Liam Hunter who applied the mixing and mastering finish. The results are raw, riotous and full of hope and defiant spirit – a fitting follow up to their successful debut album Turn Around And Face The Sun. Since their 2015 inception Black Falcon have been riding their colossal wave of groove and power around the country, playing glorious sets with the likes of L.A.Guns and Puddle Of Mudd and crowning their 2019 with a triumphant show at Bloodstock Open Air. They may be constrained by the chains of lockdown now, but that’s not going to stop them bringing the joy of the riff to their fans – from the emerging of the light that is ‘Hawkmoon’ through the celebration of music that is ‘Credit To Play’ to ‘Neon’, the setting of the sun, this is one party that you’re all invited to.

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