"Deathtrip Transcendence / Magicians Of The Holocaust" out on May 17th!

 AMOR FATI PRODUCTIONS is proud to present THE THIRD EYE RAPISTS' Deathtrip Transcendence EP and Magicians of the Holocaust demo together on 12" vinyl format.
 A vile and vital force, THE THIRD EYE RAPISTS hail from Sweden, and are the decadent ensemble of two corrupted brothers - drummer A. AIDS and vocalist/guitarist P. Psilocin, both ex-members of Morbid Insulter - channeling the Chaos of Death's Holy Magic through abysmal evocations and sharpening the syringe which murders the world! To date, they've done exactly that across three cruelly short releases in extremely limited quantities: 2014's Hets Mot Allt EP, 2017's Magicians of the Holocaust demo, and the Deathtrip Transcendence EP, also from 2017.
 Of them, it is arguably the last two-named releases where THE THIRD EYE RAPISTS' aesthetic fully blossomed in bilious, belligerent glory, heralding forth a beyond-blackthrash style dripping with dangerousness, possession, and utter contempt for this fucking world. At once familiar yet foreign, ever so subtly so, the delirium-swirling hysteria writ large across both Deathtrip Transcendence and Magicians of the Holocaust take an antagonistic view toward black metal norms, dispensing with some tired traditions while upholding others, with the end goal either way being the decimation of one's spiritual parameters and sense of "safety."
 Now, the four songs from those two swift 'n' salacious attacks on morality have been joined together with a newer, equally vicious 'n' violent track, making for THE THIRD EYE RAPISTS' penultimate attack to date. Your world is about to get FUCKED!

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