New album "Cosmic Coincidence" out on April 3rd!

 Cosmic Coincidence is the second album from Norwegian solo artist KaffiMann. All the instruments and effects are arranged by the artist, there have been no other individuals involved. There are no samples anywhere. He’s also done the mastering process in a very cold dark cellar using his own self-built speakers, surviving on self made blueberry wine and fraction-frozen mead, utilizing some quite deranged theories about what sound and music is.
 The 11 track album is the result of culminated experiences and theories over the past two decades, bringing together a varied range of instrumental tunes ranging from darkness to light, depressive to loving, shy to bold, manic electro to fluffy kittens and from whispers of silence to the great wonders of the universe.
 To sum it up, he’s a somewhat-eccentric-DIY-justabout-everything individual. Planning and designing loudspeakers, building amplifiers and loudspeakers, making music and mastering. KaffiMann is without doubt, a left-field artist, doing his own thing.

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