New album "Rock Breaker" out on March 30th!

 Hailing from a cold and freezing city in South America, AMBITION is here to reinforce that Brazilian underground scene is not only about extreme metal (speed, thrash, death, black, etc)... Yes !!! The nostalgic "denim and leather" spirit of the late 70´s & early 80´s also lives somewhere deep in the land of samba and football!!!
 Highly influenced by the classic old vintage sound of Krokus, AC/DC, Nazareth, The Rods, Saxon, Budgie, Picture, Riot, Chariot, Mama´s Boys, Battleaxe, etc... AMBITION is an excellent find/option for all those who are looking for new bands playing some raw, rough and "in your face" hard and heavy rock´n´roll/heavy metal with steady riffs and powerful choruses.
 After a succesful single released in 2018, INFERNO Records are super excited to unleash their debut album "Rock Breaker" on CD/MC a digital on March 30th 2020!

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