New album "Dominion" out on April 13th!

 Atlanta-based death metal band CEMETERY FILTH are set to release their long-awaited debut full-length album, Dominion.
 Despite waiting until 2020 to unleash their debut album. CEMETERY FILTH are no newcomers to death metal. The band released the Screams from the Catacombs EP in 2014, contributed to the first 4 Doors to Death compilation in 2016, and followed that a year later with a split EP with SEWERCIDE.
 Momentum for the band slowed after that. Until now. CEMETERY FILTH has made good on six years of grinding it out in the trenches with the arrival of Dominion. This album is nothing less than a gauntlet thrown down at the feet of every flavor-of-the-week death metal outfit. Dominion is the band's personal statement of what death metal should sound like when done the right way.
 Incorporating a slew of Euro and American influences, but leaning especially hard into the early Floridian mode of the genre, CEMETERY FILTH has arrived at their own unique hybrid--a sound that should be comfortingly familiar to longtime fans of the genre, yet not a mere slavish imitation or passionless rehash.
 This is vital music with blood on its breath, the way death metal is supposed to be.
 Unspeakable Axe Records will release Dominion April 13 on CD, cassette and digital platforms. Vinyl treatment from Unspeakable Axe in cooperation with Boris Records coming soon.


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