New album "Beyond The Putrid Fiction" out on December 22nd! 

 Hailing from the Brazilian shores, Depressed was formed in 1998 and earned a decent underground recognition around Brazil with their demo tape. Sadly, the deathmongers’ journey went on a long hiatus around 2000. In 2012, Giovanni Venttura put the band together and started to work on their first album, Afterlife in Darkness, which came out via Black Lion Records in 2015.
 On their sophomore album, Beyond The Putrid Fiction, Depressed presents us with a work of precision that can bring anyone into a realm of absolute darkness and abhorrence. Throughout the 11 tracks, the Santo André based quintet churn out all the crucial elements of classic death metal to ensure an ear-shattering listening experience.  Encompassing ultra-fast blasts, precise thrashy riffs, frenzied solos and even doomier passages, this album is a lethal weapon to mangle both body and mind almost beyond recognition.

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