Set release date for new EP!

 Blood Harvest Records sets September 27th as the international release date for a brand-new EP from Nex Carnis, Black Eternity, on 7" vinyl format.
 Hailing from Iran and with an album and demo to their name, Nex Carnis are a steadily rising force, wisely parceling out their releases - Black Eternity makes three total since 2012 - and delivering quality over quantity every step of the way. This new two-song 7" is no different, and shows that Nex Carnis are effortlessly making their Metal of Death craft that much more powerful and provocative. Utterly dark and disgusting, hammering and dizzying in equal measure, Black Eternity indeed sounds much like its title and suitably drags the listener down into labyrinth after labyrinth of untold horror. And yet, for however vile 'n' virulent the band's brand of death metal may be, there's a strangely hummable magick to it that further elevates Nex Carnis' classicism. Behold Black Eternity and begin drowning in DEATH! Drums on this EP were recorded by Alvaro Sequeida (Occidens, Melektaus, Godagainst).