New split "Emancifestation From Sinister Side" out now!

 Iron Blood & Death Corp. proudly presents last 2 Way Split CD, featuring two of the most brutal and blasphemous death metal bands from Chile: PORTA DAEMONIUM / DENYING NAZARENE. This production brings 6 tracks full of furious atmospheres and chaotic structures direct to the medulla. Includes booklet of 20 color sheets plus a postcard of each group.

 PORTA DAEMONIUM is band formed in Santiago, Chile in 1998 under the name Porta Salomoniis ...
 PORTA DAEMONIUM is obeying the designs dictated from the darkest side of the astral to experience on the path of the left hand.
 Musically and artistically it is dedicated to keeping alive the blackest essence of death music as well as the old banners such as IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, Old MORBID ANGEL, ANGEL CORPSE, DISMEMBER etc.

DENYING NAZARENE formed 11 years ago. They have many years of trajectory cultivating Death Metal since it was formed in 2003. Its material is composed of demo one (2004), which was also reissued in Brazil with the name of "Fucking Holiness We Comdemned Your Liar" ( 2006, Hellspike Records, Brazil), which included two extra tracks; the first album called "Obliterating the Christian Devotion" (2008, Onslaught Record, Mexico); the EP "Christ's Filthy Culture Penetration" (2010, Independent); the last album of 2014 titled "Possessed by The Light and Deception" (Heavy Shit Music).