New album "Zerfall" on coming August 2nd!

 Black Forest Metal unit Finsterforst returns with their brand new album, Zerfall, on August 2nd with Napalm Records. On this record, the band gets back to their roots and elegiac soundscapes of classics such as the critically acclaimed Mach Dich Frei (2015). Their emotional brand of post black metal gives vent to endless rage with pounding riffs, somber choirs and astonishing orchestral elements Zerfall has to offer. The centerpiece and culmination of it all has to be the 36-minute long (!) Ecce Homo though, that unfolds into a majestic post metal journey crowning Finsterforst’s songwriting skills and career to date.
 "Our new album "Zerfall" kicks in mightier and much deeper than our previous releases.“ the band comments. "With "Ecce Homo" we present a very intense track, which forces the audience to go on a journey - a trip to relaxation and emotional depth."

(Photograph by Marco Sorrentino)

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