"Rumours Of A Coming Dawn" re-released now!

 The album re-release from Swiss symphonic death metal group Shadowpath is entitled Rumours Of A Coming Dawn and its structure is basically a story consisting of 8 chapters, enchanting metaphors, that are beautifully woven into each other to form a whole.
 During the recording and producing process, Shadowpath aimed to achieve a tight, very atmospheric and multiverse sound, balancing the dichotomy of bright light and darkness, keeping the listener fascinated throughout the audio experience while never repeating itself.
 Each of the eight tracks are individual slices of creative theatre in an overall play, epic productions and all woven together with an instinctive passion and imagination. Each track also provides a web of layers and textures which unveils new twists and fresh aspects with every listen, a major reason why it grows in impressiveness over attentive time.
 The sound of Shadowpath uses decisive keyboard elements while still giving the heavy and sometimes acoustic guitars all the room they deserve. In the bands opinion, Rumours Of A Coming Dawn is an album that reveals its fullest and brightest strength after listening to it several times, unmasking more and more details in its structure with every repetition.

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