Rob Halford!

 Bassist Robert Jacobs of St James has checked in and provided the following personal historical snapshot:
 The year was 1992 and St. James had just started meeting with labels to talk about our new record Attitude. Unfortunately, the rise of grunge music had made it very tough to shop our record. I believe I was walking out of MCA with A&R representative Simon Collins after the VP of the label had explained that hard rock and heavy metal were done and that grunge was the only thing they were even considering signing. As I was talking to a friend in the lobby, a secretary from the label walked out and told me "that a certain gentlemen wanted you to have this note as he had heard your conversation with the VP of the label from the hallway. He asked that I tell you to keep your head up and keep making music... hard rock may change the way it looks, but will never go away". Below is the note that the secretary had given me.

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