August 4-5, Heraklion!

 When the organizers of the renowned for its feasty and sunny atmosphere festival started planning this year’s edition they had two things in mind: making it heavier than ever and having something for everyone. Hopefully, they’ve followed through nicely so the only thing left now is to invite you to Crete.
 They offer two days of heavy, thrash, death, progressive, traditional, iconic, underground and everything-in-between metal madness on one of the world's most beautiful islands. How can you turn such an invitation down?
 The famous and upcoming participants are really impatient to meet you there.

 Coroner equals respect.
 This is one of the few bands that are unequivocally admired by musicians, press and fans alike. Tommi Vetterli is moderately described as an ingenious guitarist and more often than not, as the late Martin Eric Ain put it: “a guitar god”.
 No More Color and Mental Vortex are among the crown jewels of tech thrash whereas their seminal release Grin, transcends all labels. It was released back in 1993 and to this day, it is described as thrash, prog, groove, avant-garde, industrial and everything in between. That together with its permanent high ranking on every list of the most influential tech/thrash albums ever, proves how ahead of its time that album really was. If not, there is more!
 Coroner released a documentary in 2016, called Rewind. Other than being a great watch, it also demonstrates the reverence they enjoy from bands such as Kreator, Opeth, Sodom, Celtic Frost and artists as diverse as Chris von Rohr, Franz Treichler and Max Cavalera.
 And if you think all this belongs in the past, you'd better think again. Their reunion and subsequent tour in 2011-2012, found them performing in the largest metal festivals in Europe such as Wacken and Hellfest, while the rumors of a new album sometime in 2018, have us all on the edge of our seats...


 Metal legends Diamond Head are one of the most influential bands of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement. They have countless fans around the world and are often cited by bands such as Metallica as a major influence. Brian Tatler, the band's leader and living soul is responsible for Mustaine sitting down and re-examining his way of playing according to Megadeth's mastermind himself.
 If you still think you don't know them, don't worry, you're wrong!
 Their song "Am I Evil?", brought to prominence through a Metallica cover, is considered one of the most recognizable tracks in Heavy Metal. And their greatness doesn't stop here... The band has released 8 studio albums; 2 of which made it to top places in UK charts while all 8 have received great reviews by fans and press alike.
Lightning to the Nations is considered one of the best albums of NWOBHM while anthems such as The Prince, Sucking my Love, In the Heat of the Night and Borrowed Time explain why Diamond Head are sure to be teaching us all a few lessons in Heavy Metal.
 Also, bear in mind that the band has been spending time in the studio in preparation for their next album. Just sayin'...


 “Designed to suffer in silence, is this the life that you’re asking for?”
 If your answer is no, then Need is the band for you. Categorising them though will prove tricky since they draw their influences from bands as diverse as Nevermore, Meshuggah, Pain of Salvation and many more.
 They have released four albums, managing to surpass themselves every time. Their first release was in 2006 but it was Siamese God that took things to the next level. Mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Shadows Fall), it was released in 2009 through a collaboration of Rock Hard magazine and Venerate Industries. 2014 was a defining year in their career as they released one of their most acclaimed albums, Orvam: a song for home. Mastered by Alan Douches again but this time produced by none other than the legendary Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore, Dokken, Yes, Nile).
 Their latest masterpiece Hegaiamas: a song for freedom (2017) has impressed fans, critics and bands alike as Swedish proggers, Evergrey invited Need to join them in their USA/Canada tour a few months ago. So far the band has toured extensively: headlining shows in Greece, a tour with John Oliva's Pain, a performance in Sonisphere and one in ProgPower USA which resulted in the release of a live DVD, Orvam: a song for Atlanta. This, however, is only one of the reasons that their label sold out the LP version of Hegaiamas in under two weeks! 
 Make no mistake, this is prog at its finest and their coming to Over the Wall had been foretold: there lies a distant field where light will shine so bright, waiting for us to arrive. A land where we’re all one.


 Acid Death is one of the most iconic Greek metal bands. To call them cult would be both unfair and an understatement since the second part of their career is even more impressive than the first.
 They began their journey in 1989 and to this day and by 2001, they had 4 official releases all of which received great reviews and led them on the doorsteps of a great record deal. Society's conservativism however, appears to have had other plans... and the band falls apart.
 Nearly 10 years went by and they remained one of the most respected bands of the scene. Their much-awaited return in 2011 led to the release of Eidolon, a re-release of their back catalogue and a European tour with Master.
 Their latest release Hall of Mirrors ranked high among progressive death metal albums of that year around the world. This is probably why they are often regarded as death metal's hidden treasure especially by audiences abroad who, in recent years, have begun to discover Greek metal.
2018 is definitely their year since not only will they be performing with Coroner again, but they will also release their new album produced by guitar god himself, Tommi Vetterli.
 Complex and tech yet very much in-your-face, ladies and gentlemen, we give you Acid Death. (You're welcome).


 Spitfire are Greek metal history.
 When Spitfire began their journey in 1984 all signs showed that they would go far. In 1986 they were signed by a global record label (the first Greek metal band to do so) and opening for major acts when their singer had a tragic accident which sent him into a coma and stopped the band in its tracks.
Gradually, the band decides to move on and 1990 finds them recording a live album with a different label but misfortune strikes again! And there is more but just like them, let us not dwell in the past!
 After their acclaimed Die Fighting album, Spitfire are releasing their new album this year and fans around the world are chanting halleluja!
 With a lineup to be envied and countless obstacles overcome, their appearance at OTW III is certain to prove yet again that “the enemies were many, but they vanished one by one. You've got not time to hide, cause you're invited now, to taste the fire!”


 First things, first: Azhirock hail from Iran. Yes, I r a n.
 As you may know, playing metal in the Middle East is not the easiest thing to do. Artistic freedom in general is not so... well, free. As a consequence, most bands have a hard time preparing their material (rehearsing, recording etc) as well as promoting it. In recent times and through the almighty internet, Western labels and artists have been trying to help middle eastern bands reach wider crowds. So we'd thought, we'd do our part!
 Azhirock are a particularly intriguing band as their influences range from swedish death metal to prog rock with the only common denominator being a characteristically eastern flavour in their compositions.
 Needless to say, that this is one of the bands we look forward to seeing on our stage as, not unlike yourselves, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from their live performance! However, as far as metal romanticism goes, we have to say that we're feeling rather proud for introducing them to a European audience for the very first time.


 Speedrush do almost exactly what it says on the tin: they play classy speed/thrash with some Germanic notes (think early Helloween) in their compositions that help them stand out from the crowd. Intriguing, right?
 Formed in 2005, they went through several lineup changes, took part in various side projects and all in all took their time in creating their first album, Endless War in 2017. Interesting trivia: the cover artwork of this album is hand painted by legendary illustrator Philip Lawvere (Kreator, Celtic Frost, Rage and many more). Both the album and their fierce live appearances have received such great reviews that we are certain Speedrush have come to claim the spotlight of what we often describe as New Wave of Thrash Metal.
 Overall: songs filled with sweet riffs, aggression and... well, speed but most importantly, they've got the attitude to match them: "We spit on those who choose to pose, we thrash with all the rest". Amen.


 BanDemoniC is a Heavy Metal band formed in 2009 in Ioannina, Greece. Pretty straightforward one would say but there is one problem we are yet to solve. How is it possible that these guys play awesome heavy metal with elements of speed and power that manages to sound both fresh and oldschool at the same time?!
 We know not but we are certain that if you listen to any of their two full-length releases Fires Of Redemption (2014) or Against All Odds (2018) you will be equally surprised and anxious to see them perform as we are! It is no coincidence after all that they've shared the stage with bands such as: Enforcer, Firewind, Joe Lynn Turner, Wardrum, Helstar, Grim Reaper, Paul Di Anno, Innerwish and Bumblefoot... as promised Day II will be a heavy metal overload!


 Tribute bands are a blessing and a curse. Or so we think at least. However, after seeing Keepers of Jericho perform, their level of skill and energy coupled by our shared sorrow of not seeing Helloween's tour pass from our part of the world, we just had to invite them! Call us weak, sentimental, call us what you will but when we were picturing the anthemic evening Diamond Head will be creating, we couldn't resist drinking a few beers screaming: Ride the sky!


 Project Renegade are a female-fronted metal band but you would be most mistaken if you thought you got them figured out simply through that.
Their first EP Cerebra (2017) is best described as a mixture of alternative, nu, industrial and gothic metal elements. Trust us, we are very sceptical of all-inclusive descriptions, too but in this band's case, the above is an accurate description.
 Their sound is definitely modern, riffing is heavy and their drummer is most familiar with the concept of groove. At the same time, their singer manages to invest every song with a different feel: from dark romanticism and angst to in-your-face agression that will definitely make you think that hell hath no fury... and now, nor does Crete.


 Skandal describe their music as Doom 'n' Roll. However, if we didn't know better, we may have thrown the word 'stoner' in their description. Truth be told of course, we do not necessarily know better when it comes to labeling bands; but there is one thing we instantly recognise: quality. And Skandal is definitely quality.   The release of their album Year of the Ciccada (mixed and mastered by George Bokos) saw them touring extensively and with the reviews they are getting we believe it is only a matter of time until they've firmly established themselves as a household name in the heavy (heavy) scene.


 Have you ever wondered what N.Y. and Heraklion have in common? No? Well, we hadn't either until we listened to Below the Bottom and for a minute there we were slightly...disoriented.
 Formed sometime in 2009 by a group of (may we presume disgruntled?) students soaked in DIY culture, they soon became one of the most recognisable metallic hardcore bands in Greece.
 Justice Served (2016) combines hardcore, metal and beatdown while their latest single, Omega is a tantalising taster of what we'll experience during their performance at Over the Wall.


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