Track by track of new album “Judge Not" by Brian Ross!

 HERETIC: - The musical intro to the track `Who is Blind`, the idea of the track is the same way Judas Priests `Hellion` precedes `Electric Eye`, or the intro prior to `Tie your mother down` on Queens `A Day at the Races`, the track uses a section of `who is blind` as the main harmony line.
 WHO IS BLIND: - We all see the atrocities that are committed on this Planet to our fellow man and to the animals that we share this planet with. The problem is that some people are blind to it all.
 ANGELS OR DEMONS: - Some believe that Aliens from another world visited Earth in our formative years, helping mankind to advance beyond comprehension. What will they see when they return. Will they think we are angels or demons and will they turn out to be angels or demons.
 REIGN OF FIRE: - A song about terrorism and the effect it has on civilisation. Things do not have to be like this. We can change it all.
 FOREVER IS A LONG TIME: - Lestat is the most powerful Vampire in the World. But he begins to grow tired of immortality.
 ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE: - After Satan is defeated by God in the War in Heaven, he is forever banished from Heaven, spending the rest of eternity trying to find a way to get revenge.
 WITHOUT YOU: - This is something that everyone has felt or will feel at some point in their lives. A break-up in a relationship is one of the hardest things that a person will ever have to deal with.
 LOUD AND PROUD: - A song for our loyal fans. On a personal level the lyrics “tip a hat” to the bands that influenced me throughout the years.
 WIDE LEGGED AND HEADLESS: - A continuation of the story that began in the song “I’m Not Insane”. The man in the story has fooled the authorities into believing in that he is now “cured”, totally sane. On his release from the Asylum, he returns to his home and retrieves his wife’s body from the place he hid her after he murdered her all those years before.
 JUDGE NOT, LEST YOU YOURSELF BE JUDGED: - The Great Bird of Armageddon, Mario, returns from war to find that The Jester has taken his throne. He is arrested and taken to the Court to answer charges that he had been accused of. Mario escapes and takes back the Kingdom and his throne from the Jester.
 FALLING INTO DARKNESS: - Dorian Gray’s wish was to stay forever young. He signs a pact with the Devil. His soul for immortal youth. He remains young, but his portrait grows older and more hideous with every act of depravity that he commits.

 “Judge Not” is although five years later in the Blitzkrieg world, a continuation from where the band left off from that last album release. Once again solidifying the bands roots in the British metal genre.

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