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 Είμαστε θαυμαστές του για αυτό και είμαστε πολύ χαρούμενοι με τη συλλογή αυτή!
 Michael Monroe, quite possibly the only genuine rock star Finland has ever had celebrates the 30th anniversary of his debut solo album, "Nights Are So Long" with the release a best-of compilation album, a 29-song monolith spanning his entire solo career and featuring an impressive cast of band members, songwriters and friends, past and present. Included are four previously unreleased tracks, and a new song called "One Foot Outta The Grave", which was already released as a single on April 7. Slash features on a new version of the Steppenwolf classic “Magic Carpet Ride”. The previous version of the song was heard on “The Coneheads” movie soundtrack back in 1993.

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