Sunday, 18th December 2022

 HEILUNG comment on the tour: “It has been wonderful to feel the ground shake under our feet again on the various festival stages around Europe this summer and experiencing the joy of all of you being able to reunite, sing and dance in large gatherings again. It has been like a colorful sunrise after a long night. We are now ready for our next step on our continent: The Europe Tour. We would like to give thanks to everyone working hard behind the curtains for the past two/three years to make this happen. It has not been easy sorting out as the world has changed. On this tour we are bringing you our newest studio album “Drif”. “Drif” means “gathering”, just like we will gather again to heal, bond, and create, and be greater together.
 We are deeply honoured to reveal that the amazing artists Eivor and Lili Refrain will be joining us on this tour, we look forward spending time with you on the road. This will truly be a once in a lifetime experience. See you all out there. Love Heilung"


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