Tuesday, 3rd May 2022 - Saturday, 21st May 2022

 Cryptic Shift are pleased to announce the final routing of the 'Draped Over The Continuum' European Tour starting next month! "Here we looking forward to performing 'Visitations…' in Europe for the first time and performing alongside Skeletal Remains and Bedsore!"
 Founded by Xander Bradley and Ryan Sheperson, and later joined by John Riley and Joss Farrington, Cryptic Shift have become a continual leading force in the next generation of extreme music. 2016's EP, Beyond the Celestial Realms, and 2017's single, "Cosmic Dreams", built anticipation for Cryptic Shift's debut full-length record, Visitations from Enceladus - one of the highest critically acclaimed debut releases of the last decade. Showcasing Cryptic Shift's unique take on progressive and technical death/thrash metal and sci-fi themes, Visitations from Enceladus takes listeners beyond the limits of planet Earth musically and conceptually - the first episode of perhaps the greatest musical sci-fi adventure of all time…
 Now, after having signed with Metal Blade Records, Cryptic Shift are working towards building on their previously established phenomenal die-mensionominal Astrodeath, following on from the themes and concepts found on their debut record, Visitations from Enceladus.

(Photograph by Mark Wheelwright / ISO Photographic)


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  • From Tuesday, 3rd May 2022 to Saturday, 21st May 2022

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