Friday, 23rd September 2022

 The time has come! The live music is returning slowly. And so, the guys from SERIOUS BLACK couldn't help but finally announce their "KINGS TODAY TOUR"!
 This year (!) the Power Metal group will return to European stages with a new album, a new front singer and the sidekicks SKELETOON and SEVEN THRONES.
 In addition to classics songs from the albums “Magic”, “First Light” and “Suite 226”, fans can also look forward to the first live performances of the new album “Vengeance Is Mine”.
 The international power metal formation around bassist and founder Mario Lochert probably created the most powerful and imaginative work of their career, with great guitar riffs, grooving rhythms and hymn-like melodies. In terms of lyrics, the band goes into previously unexplored depths. Lochert: “This time I allowed insights into my inner and private life like never before, including how I think, how I feel, how I am, and how I can be to keep a band going. The lyrics on 'Vengeance Is Mine' reflect the past four or five years more broadly. Of course, this had an impact on the songwriting, which has become even more intense and emotional. "
 Lochert's assessment that his band has achieved a masterpiece with 'Vengeance Is Mine' has - at least in this context - a new name: Nikola Mijic, powerful vocalist from Serbia.
 And so comes together what fits together: With the expressive timbre of Nikola Mijic, the rapid riffs and hooks of their guitarist Dominik Sebastian, many driving grooves by drummer Ramy Ali and the varied songwriting by bassist and bandleader Mario Lochert, “Vengeance is Mine” is a perfect example of a deeply melodic and at the same time energetic and dynamic power metal album.


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