Wednesday, 31st July 2019 - Saturday, 3rd August 2019

  By Steve Earles

 Following up their well-received 2013 debut album ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’, Montreal's BornBroken returned in 2018 with a 40-minute freight-train “The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies”. Full of aggressive music for the critical masses, the ten-track assault was heavier and angrier plus even included special guest vocals from Slaves On Dope’s Jason Rockman on 'Fight'. Thriving on the fury of the injustices of the world we are living in, BORNBROKEN is ready to take their righteous rage that feeds their creative furnace on the road for summer 2019. The metal titans from Montreal's music scene will be venturing towards Western Canada for the first time along with performing on the Loud As Hell festival in Drumheller, AB on August 3rd sharing the stage with Goatwhore, Cloven Hoof, Anciients, Planet Eater, Sludgehammer and many more. The tour will kick off on July 31st in Sudbury, ON and wrap up August 12th in Winnipeg, MB. Selected dates of the tour will be supported by Calgary's Stab. Twist. Pull.
 Guitarist Mike Decker comments: "We are glad to finally say we are headed out West on tour. It’s something we said we had to do at any cost and it will be. Our van lost its gas tank and then the transmission seized. I broke my elbow, shows were canceled, but some got added. Massive band line-up changes last minute, oh I did I forget to say “we’re poor”! Hahaha.
 So with that said, we’re all set to tour with our friends in Calgary's Stab, Twist, Pull along with many others and tell you all a little story about “The Harsh Truths and Little Lies of Life”. We got tons of merch for all to enjoy and become hand-me-downs for generations to come.
 We’re not holding anything back on this one. See you all on the road while we follow the sundown to your town!"


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  • From Wednesday, 31st July 2019 to Saturday, 3rd August 2019

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