Thursday, 12th September 2019 - Sunday, 15th September 2019

 On September 13th RAM will release their new album 'The Throne Within'! The unstoppable swedish Heavy Metal machine will take no prisoners on this one, instead they will roam again the streets of Europe and kick off their tour a day prior album release on September 12th in Hamburg, Germany. Very special guests on this run will be their Metal Blade labelmates VULTURE!
 Comments RAM: "RAM are preparing and sharpening the steel for the next chapter of the Heavy Metal Tyranny. We will embark on a new European tour to support our upcomming album "The Throne Within" that once again will be released through Metal Blade records as the first release of a new 3-album-deal. By our side on the tour stand the deadly speed metal force of Vulture that will smash and grind you down so that its just for us to finish you off. Beware! Your cities will burn again!"
 Comments VULTURE: "We're excited to finally hop on our first tour and can't wait to share european stages with RAM. Ghastly Waves are coming for y'all!"
 As stated above RAM will release their new album 'The Throne Within' September 13th via Metal Blade Records. More details on this Heavy Metal bonebreaker will be announced soon! VULTURE released their latest headbanging feast 'Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves' just a little over a week ago. The album has entered the official German album charts on position 65! Congrats on that!



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